Trustworthy partnerships through services you need
Over the years, we have gained the trust and respect of our clients, who operate in various fields such as: production, services, trade, both in the industrial sector and in the local and central administration and companies that provide services in the field of financial investments in the stock market.
Our partnerships with companies outside of Romania, such as Italy, Spain, USA, Germany and Mexico, helped us to understand economy on an international level and provide better and more professional services.

Financial audit, internal audit, structural fund audit and IFRS audit

Preparation of transfer pricing documentation and assistance in presenting it to the competent authorities

Accounting keeping and consultancy and financial consultancy

Tax consultancy and assistance with tax inspections and litigation

Accounting, fiscal, judicial and extrajudicial expertise

Consultancy in restructuring, divisions, mergers and acquisitions and fiscal due diligence

Consultancy in accessing structural funds and project management

Management consultancy, assistance in financial management, in organising an integrated management system and business and entrepreneurship consultancy

Consultancy for the implementation of financial and accounting procedures

Preparation and administration of personnel files, clocking, calculation of contributions, submission of declarations, calculation of holidays etc.

Risk analysis, business plans, reviews, certifications and so on