20 years of experience
G5 Consulting was founded in 2002, at the initiative of 5 associates, being from the beginning a company with full Romanian capital.
In these 20 years of existence, the company has been in a continuous evolution, today having specialists in financial audit, accounting expertise, accounting, tax consultancy, transfer pricing and management.
We are constantly concerned about our continuous improvement in order to keep pace with our customers’ evolution and with the updates in the financial accounting and taxation field, in the financial audit and management so we can find optimal solutions to our business partners.
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The goal of G5 Consulting is to be performing in our field through expertise, seriousness, professionalism, flawless quality and the promptness of the services provided by our employees. We will continue to provide integrated services (financial audit, accounting, accounting and tax expertise, tax consultancy, management consultancy, etc.) at the highest level of expertise, expertise and professionalism.
Our publications
Our efforts also resulted in the publishing of three specialized books, all based on the daily practice of our employees, edited by Risoprint Cluj-Napoca in 2009 and 2010.
“Financial Accounting Procedures” (authors: Man Gheorghe Alexandru, Rus Adina Cornelia),
“Practical Guide to Financial Audit” (authors: Man Gheorghe Alexandru, Rus Adina Cornelia)
“Internal Audit vs. Internal Control” (authors: Man Gheorghe Alexandru, Marian Bogdan Ovidiu)
G5 Consulting is a member of the Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania and is registered with The Authority for Public Supervision of Statutory Audit, the professional team being made up of financial auditors authorized by CFAR, accountants authorized by The Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania and tax consultants authorized by Chamber of Tax Consultants of Romania.
At G5 Consulting we always emphasize and reconfirm our values and the principles we uphold: respect for our employees and clients, openness towards them, integrity and professionalism of our employees, quality of services we offer and last, but not least, our dedication to all of those listed above.

Our transparency reports complement the values and principles mentioned earlier, in order to give you a deeper sense of our activity.