Up to date with the dynamics of the business environment
In the context of the dynamics of the business environment in recent years, it has become a practice for both the national and multinational companies to resort to reorganisation, divisions, mergers and acquisitions..

Our team has accumulated significant experience in advising our clients and partners, the services provided aiming to identify the most efficient strategies, not only for fiscal purposes, but also for cost optimization.
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Consultancy and assistance throughout the entire insolvency or judicial reorganisation procedure
Consultancy and representation in divisions, mergers or acquisitions of companies
Consultancy in portfolio investments and securities issues
Fiscal analysis of the carried out transactions, in order to influence the fiscal risk and opportunities from the negotiation phase
Signs that your company is heading for insolvency
Non-honored contracts, delays in payment from customers, major legislative changes, economic crises, non-core investments or uninspired managerial decisions may be just a few of the causes for which a company may encounter financial problems and thus enter into a reorganisation process.

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